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About Bulgarea

White brined cheese is a traditional Bulgarian food.

Approximately 96% of Bulgarians consume white cheese, and 80% consume yellow cheese. These figures represent about 6, 5 million Bulgarian people.



More than half of them remember the traditional taste of the Bulgarian white and yellow cheese and want to rediscover it now.



That is why we created Bulgarea using a traditional Bulgarian recipe.




От българско мляко Cheese and yellow cheese made from REAL BULGARIAN MILK with authentic starter culture and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus.



Bulgarea branded products have a balanced salty flavour and contain no preservatives, colorings or vegetable fats.



BulgareaThe unique Bulgarian nature, fresh milk and authentic Bulgarian starter are prerequisites for the true taste of Bulgarea white cheese and yellow cheese.



Therefore Bulgarea gives each dish distinctive and irreplaceable taste, which everybody in the family likes.




Добър апетитGood appetite

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