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Good Manufacturing

The good production practices are rules of work, which ensure the safety and quality of the manufactured food product.

These rules mainly control the used materials, food processing, distribution to the retail network and the еnd consumer.


 Why do we control the raw materials?


The quality of the milk and the additional materials used is the basis for the safe and tasty food product.

That is why we at Bulgarea work with assured suppliers and additionally check the deliveries of milk according to previously set criteria.

To produce Bulgarea milk products we use fresh whole milk, which complies with the standard norms, high quality rennet and traditional high quality Bulgarian starter cultures.


We control food processing by


  •  Applying strict everyday procedures, combined with periodical check ups in order to follow the observation of the technological regime and hygienic norms.
  •  monitoring carefully the processes of maturation and preservation.
  •  evaluating each batch before it goes on sale in stores through appropriate analysis and tasting.

To ensure that Bulgarea reaches your home in the perfect quality, in which it leaves the factory we rely on well-established distributors of food products.


The good production practices are created to guarantee the unique taste of the real Bulgarian cheese and yellow cheese Bulgarea.



Stela Gronkova

Reasearch & Development Manager